Who are we?

Salut and Toni
Salut and Toni

We are a family with two children and a few years ago we decided to look for a place to live in a quiet village where our children could grow up in a beautiful and pleasant environment. After a year of looking around at various villages we decided that Lladó was going to be the place we would build our home.

Some years later we decided to convert some unused buildings into comfortable apartments, keeping to sustainability criteria, such as rainwater collection, greywater treatment for irrigation, solar power, natural ventilation, roof plants…

The result: three comfortable apartments in which we could express our dreams and ideas. They break away from straight lines and integrate with the land. From any point in the house you are in contact with the outside and nature, our aim was to get the feeling that the nature was inside the house.

Because it is a beautiful village  with very friendly people that made us feel at home right away and we fell in love with the place. However, we were first captivated by the countryside, the surroundings and its location. Even now, after so many years, we often remark how lucky we are to live in such a marvellous place.

In the houses you are able to take a shower with the feeling that you are outside in the garden, you can relax and take it easy in the veranda or porch outside or just lie down in any room in the house and enjoy the view. Built on a gentle hill, the houses have beautiful views over the region and spectacular sunrises.